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πŸš«πŸ’Š Pull up a chair... a heart felt little story

 🚫 πŸ’Š Pull up a chair... its either my "Enlightenment or my Arrogance" but I would like to express a little info. Today I had a great long chat with a peer Cannabis Advocate, thank you "D" you know who you are. In our exchange of info, i recalled a recent situation, That bothered me.Β  I want to share with you.Β  Β 

A few weeks back I was speaking with a PHD/DR,Β  mental health professional, I was asking questions and bouncing ideas on a personal situation. Here goes... The Dr asked me what I was using for stress management, and anxiety etc... I told her I only use Cannabis. A variety of methods.

She immediately "STIGMA-ED" me. The tone, the disrespect, everything regarding my previous comments were dismissed....almost eye rolled. Her next comment....

"well, we have much better options, thats probably part of your problem."

I found myself becoming defensive and pissed... My reply, I don't smoke as you may be assuming...I use topicals, CBD vapes and most importantly RSO Suppositories for pain.I was annoyed.

She stopped and said, well, theres not much research with Cannabis and I know medication would be a better better option.

At that point, i lost total respect for her position and realized - at that moment I "WAS, enlightened" and not Arrogant. I began pontificating "Cannabis is Medicine" all that Cannabis had done for me, let alone all the info and testimonials on the web. Not to mention the ancient roots, were they not human trials....

She tried to side step me. I would not back down. I explained we have do options, healthy options. I have used mental health prescription drugs - and That I am not a fan. I was direct and explained the goal for Homeostasis - is and can be an attainable goal with Cannabis... and at that point - why would i need PHYCH drugs... for Lupus & Lyme ?

The conversation has set deep in my brain. Felling the stigma angered me.Β  Maybe I am shell shocked with Western Medicine, or maybe I am on to something. After working thru a lifetime of Chronic Illness... Now having hope. Hearing a well respected DR, talk to me in that manor - i realized, we have work to do. I will carry the torch as much as I can, as long as I believe.

I will fight this fight and be a human trial. I know Cannabis is changing my health not just covering up symptoms. Cannabis is making me well, its fixing my defects.... Lithium, Busbar, Zoloft, adderall can not do that - for me. My goal is to heal. Plain and simple. I explained to that medical professional - If you are not on that same path, than I will not allow you access to my mind nor my physical health.

We must be our OWN Advocates. While I am sharing the care of my Elderly mother - i have seen first hand the miracles of Modern western medicine along with the tragic fall out. Yes, it has extended her life, but with HUGE life changing side affects and a strange extension of time - dispite the quality of life.

I CHOOSE Cannabis....over pills, I will carry the torch, Fell free to join us.

Linda Biggs
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