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TBI Recovery 💪🏽👑❤️❤️

 Its been a Journey for sure!One filled with Blood Sweat & many Tears. I started this after the Dr's gave up. They said, sorry here's Tissues, its permanent we can't fix you. I had choices a bullet or a walker. I choose neither. I trained daily. No feeling from the waist down. Bothe hands numb and one paralyzed. Funny I recall tripping and Falling daily. I recall the EMG on my bladder 800ccs, and no feeling. The Dr said, you'll be in adult diapers for life. The diagnosis was bleek. I reached out for help at the gym, that was my place of rufuge my entire life. No looks 3 yrs later. Even my Spine/ Trauma DR called me on the phone to give kudos for this miracle. The miracle was hope. I know my Dad even tho hes no longer on the planet had something to do with this. I am eternally grateful. Still have some huge hurdles - but anything is possible if you have a little hope. Love you Dad and the people who helped and coached and pushed me, thank YOU! Im strong & fragile and my life is changed forever - Always

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Linda Biggs
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