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💪🏽 👑A little more of the Story....

It has been a crazy week, weeks … so much to do in the Cannabis World, in Linda’s World, and the Queens world and even in Mr Kitty’s and its Christmas Time - the days are just spinning.

This was a HARD physical week. I keep a positive outlook, a gym vibe going so that i can keep a mental focused. The mental controls the physical. When times are smooth and low pain i forget about the #TBI. This week not so much.  This week was a struggle but the fog is lifting today. This week brought me back to recalling the uphill climb as i was learning how to use Cannabis…. trial and by fire.

See… I have worked a pretty good medicating process, however the past few weeks have been quite demanding both mental and physical. Along with The huge life changer from this past sept. It finally caught up with the stress of the holidayyyyyys. I often think i am superwoman. Not This WEEK! But here is where the journey makes me think and be grateful….

Last week at the #Cannaversary a young lady came to meet me. She is surviving stomach cancer. She is young and beautiful her fight is a hard one, and she is giving it her all. She told me some of her story, and it made me Thank God for so many things. I really got down on my knees that night to pray. This young woman came out in the damp cold rain to tell me she is now using #RSO, the way i am, via Suppository and its helping her. She could no longer administer it orally and this was her only option. We took a photo, We even kidded around about how people freak over the subject, but its so easy when u really look at the big picture. I know in my heart the following day she had to be so tired. I was grateful she came, and my heart was heavy knowing her fight.

This Medical Cannabis world is so vast and wide with everyone so being different yet so similar. We are all learning so much very fast. Cannabis, RSO, and even a few vapes have given me a healing and allowing me to lead an almost normal life. But this week I was reminded of how i need to pace and pay attention. My biggest hurdle currently are the crippling migraines. Im now adding Green Light Therapy to see if it will Aid in the length of time and severity of the migraines. I think so, but haven’t used it enough yet to know for sure.

The hardest part all these alternative medicines are expensive and we trial and error them on ourselves. But being in #ChronicPain we sacrifice and try just about anything. When I am pain managed it allows me to Run #CannabisQueenRX and to run my life. That is the gift. And that is why I am so passionate with the mission and Advocacy of Legal Cannabis.

We are gearing up for a big campaign after the #Holidays I will remain healthy  #LasVegas late Feb is already on the books and so is #NationalCannabisFestival for #420 . We are shooting for #CannabisScienceConference but we need to come up with the funds. Our story is special because it is #Real and #Raw. I have personally lived with a catastrophic injury event and Medical Cannabis has made me whole again. It created our business #CannabisQueenRX .

We appreciate your support and your following our entrepreneurial journey. Its challenging, exciting, expensive but its worth every drop of sweat and tears. Keep cheering us on… we are entering the leagues with the BIG BOYS and y’all know I am 6 feet tall! We have created this on an Artist budget, without corporate sponsors nor big money and just look at the magic we are creating 💫 it truly is Fairieland!

Linda Biggs
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