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Getting the Hang of "IT"

WEll its been a few weeks and I am loving how the site is working. Learning curve is slow and steady, but I love the format and how it shows up. Thank YOU for your support these past few week & months as we were building the momentum getting everything in order. THANK YOU for the confidence in ordering our Cannabis Queen Merchandise too. We appreciate every order small and large, dag, I get silly happy over a single rolling paper order or even someone who just wants a sticker! 

Its EVENT & show season starting in just a few weeks, we have been packing Cartons, creating OOAK specials and separating inventory for each show etc. Mark your calendars. We would love to see you and meet you guys in person! Grab your wings and come see us.

April 21 - The National Cannabis Festival

April 28 - Nature's Care & Wellness

May 4- May 6 - Spoutwood Fairie Festival

June 7-8 Maryland Faerie Festival 

Each of these events are FREAKIN Awesome..... Come to one or all... but definitely come out and see us!

Linda Biggs
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