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Spoutwood Farm, May Day Celebration This Weekend !

 Well, I don't really know how to start or even end this blog post. Our beautiful Spoutwood Fairie Festival is this weekend, and its the FINAL Spoutwood as we know it. 

For years this is and was how we all ushered in the beauty of SPRING! The Fairie, The elves, mermaids, trolls, mossmen and even a few humans. Maybe thats why the weather has been so weird. Knowing this year is the final SPOUTWOOD. We are all a little out of sorts. How do we do it, how do we play, how do we love the way we have in the past, because we always knew we would have the chance to do it again, and again. How do we celebrate this year. This year we no longer have that outlook, that never ending seasons of change will be never be again. Truth I almost dont want to go, I dont want to see or feel the tears of love and eventual sadness. However if I dont go, I would miss soooo very much REAL LOVE. This will be intense! Good or Bad - it will be full circle. 

Please come out and share in this historic event, be part of the magic, be the magic... There is no place on earth like Spoutwood Farm. It is in our blood, in our soul, our children, our family grew up here - and we are all going to miss this magical place. We are all so grateful to be part of this special place on earth. There are a few places on the grounds where my mind takes me very far away, that is how i will mentally capture and treasure this weekend. So if you see me at the stream, looking a little lost, I will be holding on to memories and trying to relive some special times in my life, and brain banking some new ones. Thank YOU Lucy and Rob, for sharing your magic and opening your hearts and home to all of us. I love you ... Linda



Linda Biggs
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