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Continuation.. of the Journey.

another week has gone by, and my health continues to improve. I have noticed as much as i live off of “Arnolds white bread, peanut butter and homemade blueberry jelly”  those things are no longer agreeing with me.  I have switched over to more eggs, Chicken, spinach and tomatoes. The sugar stuff is giving me stomach aches. I am assuming its a slow detox process, which i am fine with.

My fingernails and hair are growing at a rapid rate. WEIRD, for someone my age to have their grey hair turning back to its normal color and texture. 

But what I am noticing most this week is my mental clarity and No chronic pain. The bi-polar swings I have embraced my entire life seem to be GONE. This is an odd, NICE Strange thing. Its all i have known my entire life, and now I truly feel in charge, almost cocky, that i will have to check in place. But seriously, from my mental perspective, this mental place is very very AWESOME. 

Linda Biggs
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