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How I will savor Spoutwood Fairie Festival.

Man, this year was surreal! From the moment I drove in for set up, I was ready, thought I was, and when I pulled in the treelined driveway, under the Kubiando sign I got a big ole' lump in my throat! I said to myself shake it off, its only Thursday!  Set up was smooth, the best it ever was....

My Friend and felloette Artist Jane Starr Weils, met up with me later that evening and we did a sleep over in my little Fairieland, ... and we chatted and helped take away the show stress. 

Friday came, and it was HOT and beautiful and we were Fairies Gone wild, I had on a pretty little little Fairie dressup and i think by noon it was off and I was down to t-Shirt and kilt, working it... it was 90 degrees and HOT, dewwy fairies for sure, but we danced, hugged, sold our wares and it was great... Incredible how many friends attended on Friday it was record breaking from the stats at my booth.. pure joy. Saturday rolled around with a strange weather forecast.. we were all a little nervous, but Mother Nature, took us under her wings and gave us a beautiful day... again record crowds of beautiful people... love was everywhere, like never before. 

Then to my surprise, i looked up and there was my grown girls with their boyfriends all i could do was hold back the happy tears... This magical place Spoutwwod, is where they grew with love and understanding of diversity, to cherish our vast differences, to be kind to every living creature. Our family always bonded during this Spring celebration. 

Rob and Lucy, the owners of Spoutwood Farm opened their hearts to everyone, and the love that is farmed their is like a magical heaven on earth. Its a place where we all come together, in music, art, dance and originality and much glitter! Year after year, I worked with Bibi, she made it ALL work. She made sure it was smooth for all of us, she put out fires like the biggest fireman on the planet and did it with grace year after year. It was always smooth, Bibi, took very good care of al of us. 

Sunday came just like Saturday, with a concerning weather outlook, but as we all arrived so did some sun and perfect Fairie weather. For me, the weekend went oddly slow, like a movie in my head,in the best way possible. I got to HUG my friends, truly hug them - tell people who we had met over the years how important they are, how we have all grown and how its ok that the next chapter will begin, when the time is right. Then the final GONG of the big metal sculpture, then the tears began to run down my cheeks. John showed up to help me get myself into the van, just like the first festival. 

I owe much of my , , and now to Spoutwood Farm. They gave us a place to grow personally and professionally. It was the best gift ever, given in love to all of us. It was a gift and it was up to us to use it wisely. My life, and my family's life would not be what it is today without Rob and Lucy & Spoutwood Farms. The journey will continue and I am very grateful.  Thank you to everyone who touched my life thru Spoutwood ~ you all made magic happen.

Linda Biggs
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