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The progress of healing continues. I’ve notice a few hiccups but for the most part and the value of daily life - every thing is greatly improved. I will embellish on this at the meeting on July 12, 2018. But overall life simply feels better. Almost like I took a magic pill. But we all know that is just a fairietail. Ill give you a little teaser tho - my life long issues are autoimmune (Lupus) & Erythema Multiforme Major with extreme food allergies, environmental sensitivities, in re-infections of Lymes ( living in the forest) Traumatic Brain injury, with permanent cervical spinal stenosis and lower spine stenosis, and basically what was described as Shaken Baby Syndrome. Along with a touch of Bi-polar. ( Frankly, I really have lived in bubble for anout20 yrs. Every family has that weird aunt, the one who brings her food to family events in a little brown bag. That has been me, but I see the the horizon in the distance, now, I see hope.)  So with all that said, If you have been keeping up with my public calendar you know this medicine is a miracle. ( I have basically been running all day every day since the end of April - and still going stronger than ever)

I mentioned this NEW discovery with a few Real, Humans in the Business of the Cannabis World, and they have asked me to share my experiences regarding RSO & my seemingly new life and Cannabis Heals! I am honored and hope that the information I share can help others, and may make a difference.  Who knows maybe it's in part that I have Native American Blood but knowing we all bleed red, I know Cannabis can help with whatever may be ailing you.

Thank You Spark! Maryland for your interest in me. I hope I shed some light on new ways to use this incredible medicine.

Linda Biggs
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