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If your keeping up, heres an update.

Its been about 40 days on the hard stuff and i still cant believe the transformation. Oddly it has me over doing it, but thats my nature. The past 2 days I have been preparing for the Maryland Faerie Festival and doing tons of yard work.

yesterday I cut tree limbs down until 8:30 pm, piled sky high and then took them into the woods. Moved wood, worked in the garden planted etc... not knowing when to stop. So YES, I am sore, the normal kinda sore, that anyone would feel. In the past I would be flat on my back unable to move, face first into a Lupus episode.... but thanking my lucky stars and Mr Rick Simpson, the RSO is keeping me ok.

Ive emptied and packed my van, did a quick trip to New York City and still Im doing OK. Today is the first day that I am actually feeling a little pain kicking in, but its a wake up as to what I have been living without the past 6 weeks. Tonight I will up my dosage, just to head off what I am feeling.

Still each day in, i am thankful but also, blown away of how simple the transition has been. It blows my mind that something so small can make a life changing difference. It makes me nearly HATE western medicine, and what it puts humans thru in the hope of healing. Yes, I will still use an emergency room for a broken limb, blood poisoning or any other thing like that - but as far as having a dr. keep me healthy, sane or any other maintenance im thinking those days are done. 

Trimming trees & hedges  

Trimming trees & hedges  


packing the van 💪🏼💪🏼

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