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Ill be Telling my Story this Thurs Night @ Spark!

Less than a week from now, Ill be doing a little public speaking.… . Seriously in 2012, i could barely hold a chain of thought, and could not stand to be around people nor crowds. ( sometimes that is still the case ; ) But on a serious note it wasnt until 2 weeks ago, that I realized how much I have become human again, as a result of using Cannabis. Some of you read my blog a few weeks back, and I am seriously a new person as a result. YEZZZZ I am a little nervous about telling the saga, out load with a microphone... but the truth is, I am physically soooo much better that I need to share this healing information with anyone who wants hear it. So so much has changed that its overwhelming in a good way.... Nothing is impossible, nothing is too hard, and the words "I cant" do not have any place in my world. Truly there was a time not too long ago - I could not even get out of my car to get groceries... Ill make more notes between now and next thurs I hope to see a few of you ....

Just the other day, while I was dropping off an order to a client in White Marsh Maryland, as i was sitting on the highway in a crazy summer storm, memories of the past few years just started flooding my brain. I can NOT even believe how GOOD i feel, how UNSICK I am... It was an overwhelming moment, when I arrived at my clients office, I realized life is pretty darn good. I am so excited about whats to come....


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