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🌱 So impatient! Seriously Impatient....🧚🏽‍♀️

Its Monday, my favorite day of the week. Everyone is back at it.

We are working on a few new inventory items, Stash boxes which have become a personal hit, and the NEW Green Grinder & Lady Bug tray. These will hit our site, very soon. The waiting on production has made us a little punchy. We here at Cannabis QueenRX strive for perfection, Linda is a bit OCD and over the top with her expectations, on delivery. 

We strive to get every order out promptly, and Linda checks every order as well. We are working to get our Trays in every state. They are beautiful and we know they will sell well in your shop, dispensary. We were told by a competitor, "Good luck, getting them out there " and the funny thing is everyone who has ordered them, loves them. Its one of those items that we are so proud of and excited about. So we ask you if you are a store try a small order of 6 or 12 and we guarantee they will sell quickly. Email us for the wholesale Code, and order them today. 

We are confident that you will be happy with our products.  #grinder #rollingpapers #rollingtray #cannabisqueen

Linda Biggs
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