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Much like taking a walk through the forest, life is a journey. There are twists and turns, the path narrows and widens. trees fall, and rocks obstruct. Where some see obstacles, others see opportunity. Navigating the path takes determination, effort, and inspiration to keep going. One foot in front of the other, day after day. Much like that life journey through the forest, the creative pathway is similar.

The Weed Box spoke with Faerie Artist, Linda Biggs, about what inspires her to create, and how the creative process works for her.

Inspired by Life
Linda's art is inspired by a deep connection to her personal life and what she is currently experiencing. She uses her art as a way to escape repetitive thought, and to tell the story of her life. Each painting represents a moment captured in time.

"I think what i do in my mind is kinda unique, but that might just be my overthinking it. See, i am inspired by my personal life experiences be it good, bad or ugly. My brain races and i always replay the tape. So when something gets into my head, call it inspiration... or mania... and it plays over and over... for me the best way to use that drive is to create a painting out of it. Many of my pieces tell the story of my life. Years ago, when I started painting professionally I had no idea the story would go this way. but year after year, the inspiration got deeper and more real. And now it's just second nature for me to take an episode or moment in time and put it into a scene on paper."

Inspiration and the Creative Process
As the journey to creation continues, part of Linda's process is healing and recovery. She reworks her sketches many times. Here, inspiration helps to keep her focused.

"That is the easy part. That is how the healing or recovery or happiness happens. I take the image in my head and sketch it quickly on large format papers about 18 x 24 ish. I may draw and redraw it, 20 or 30 times. Sometimes i use an entire sketch pad for one finished piece of art. Each time i redraw it, reworking the placement or objects so they appear on paper as i see them in my mind. This is where the inspiration keeps me focused. I can't rest until i am satisfied with the sketch. At that point i transfer it to watercolor paper. ( That is large 20 x 30 stiff rigid 300 lb paper) again still filled with a bit of mania and anxiety until i get it lightly redrawn onto the final watercolor paper. That is the most stressful part of the process. Once it's on the final paper the painting becomes blissful and in some cases even trance like. And i will paint it until I get tired of working on it, that is when i know an art piece is finished. It will no longer be enjoyable, once it becomes annoying I know it's finished."

Inspiration in Creating for Others
When creating a work of art for someone else, her process differs. There is freedom from battling her inner self. Here, inspiration blooms from creating shared happiness.

"Now... the hard part is creating something that is another person's vision. I have to get myself in their brain. I have to feel what it is, that they are feeling. Thank goodness I am an empath, otherwise i would never be able to do it. This part of the process is refreshing and challenging at the same time. I enjoyed working on The WEED Box image more than some of my own personal pieces. I think it was then I learned, how to enjoy the process and the watercolor medium itself. I was not fighting a battle in my head and heart, I was painting something fun and i was painting happiness that was shared with me."

Inspiration Transforms
From what Linda has shared from the special way she creates her paintings. To create beauty for ourselves and others on our own journey, inspiration and dedication to the creative process can initiate action. The act of creation--bringing something new into the world out of our own life experiences is transformative and healing.

Linda Biggs
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