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It’s been a while ....

  it’s been a while… A few festivals, lots of art, lots of personal drama… But I’m still painting. This, work in progress I’m really enjoying. She’s going kind of slow, have lots going on so I’m trying to do her in peace for moments. If she turns out the way she is in my head she’s going to be pretty cool. 

We are preparing for champs, Atlantic City… In just a few weeks. It’s a B 2 B, trade show. We went to Las Vegas for our first, champs event and it was awesome… So I’m really looking forward to Atlantic City.

We are a little behind on our newsletter and other correspondence, just not enough time to keep it all flowing the way we would like. Hopefully that will change by summer.  

We have a new rolling tray in the works it’s a large size, so that will be an exciting step in our inventory for stores. Can’t wait to see the finished product type the proofing stage has been perfect. 

That’s about it for now please check out our Instagram, we post a lot of progress shots and daily life on there it’s where we have the most fun on social media. We really need to do a new contest so maybe will do that in the next few weeks also.


Linda Biggs
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